Section 4: Ontario Public School Boards’ Association

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Ontario Public School Boards’ Association

What Is OPSBA?

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) represents public district school boards and public school authorities across Ontario, which together serve more than 1.2 million public elementary and secondary students. The Association advocates on behalf of the best interests and needs of the public school system in Ontario. OPSBA is seen as the credible voice of public education in Ontario and is routinely called upon by the provincial government for input and advice on legislation and the impact of government policy decisions.

Statement of Mission and Beliefs

The mission of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association is to promote and enhance public education by:

  • helping member boards to fulfil their mandates
  • developing effective partnerships with other groups interested in public education
  • providing a strong and effective voice on behalf of public education in Ontario.

OPSBA believes that the role of public education is to provide universally accessible education opportunities for all students regardless of their ethnic, racial or cultural backgrounds, social or economic status, individual exceptionality or religious preference.

Local democratically elected school boards play a key role in ensuring that schools remain responsive to both provincial program requirements and local needs and resources.

Excellence in education is achieved by:

  • promoting high standards of individual achievement
  • providing the understanding and basic skills required for active, compassionate participation in the life of the family, the community, the province, the nation, and a global society
  • cultivating a love of learning
  • recognizing the value of diversity among learners and communities; and
  • exploring creative educational alternatives.

To maintain excellence, the public school system must be accountable to the community it serves and work to fulfill its mandate through building strong community partnerships.

More information about OPSBA is available at: and you can also follow OPSBA on Twitter @OPSBA_Official.